Cadence – Cute, Spunky, And Expecting!

A wardrobe challenge! Specifically, wardrobe inspiration for my very dear friend Cadence who happens to be expecting a new baby! In the Kibbe/Nachmias system I’m pretty sure Cadence is a Gamine, so we’re going to talk about maternity style with that extra Gamine flair.

My first idea: cropped jackets. Super cute Gamine look, and if you leave them open they pair perfectly with a growing bump. Throw one of these over literally anything for instant style. I recommend a stiffer material, like denim or leather, for that cute-and-spunky look.

When it’s too hot for a jacket, a vest will do the trick.

Of course Cadence will need something more substantial when the weather gets colder. To the delighted surprise of stylists everywhere, capes are the very height of fashion right now, and they just so happen to be very bump-friendly.

Silk scarves are another instant style item. Nothing too poofy or heavy here; Cadence is very upbeat and kind of adorable and that’s exactly the vibe we’re going for.

I haven’t seen Cadence in quite a while but one thing that always stands out in my memory is her wonderful hair. It’s gently curly and a brown/dark gold that actually shimmers in the sun. Cadence, I forgot to ask whether you want a hair plan, but if you’re looking for something new you have the PERFECT hair for this curly angled bob of my dreams.

And last of all, some baby-safe stud earrings. Cadence has a special heart for sea creatures, is very close to her Irish heritage, and wears a lot of blues and greens. Now that I think about it she’s probably a selkie. So these little guys should feel right at home.


Good luck to all you expectant mamas, you are precious and we love you!

Reasons We Decide Not To Dress Well

We’re afraid people will think we’re stuck up.

We’re afraid of spending money on ourselves.

We’re afraid we’ll make a poor fashion choice.

We’re afraid people will see the real us, and criticize it.

We don’t know what works on us, and are afraid to experiment.

We’re afraid of messing up our nice clothes so we’re saving them for a special occasion.

We’re afraid that we’ll become vain.

We’re afraid that we’re “too much” – too beautiful, too bold, too glamorous, quirky, classy, graceful, elegant, strong; our extraordinary attributes might make people uncomfortable so let’s stomp them down until they’re no longer noticeable.

We’re afraid that we’re “not enough” – not skinny enough for that color, not young enough for those shoes, not good enough for stylish clothes, not enough enough to be a real person who goes out of the house wearing an outfit that makes her glow.

Notice what all of these things have in common?

I was afraid that I couldn’t possibly write in full about all of these topics, so I thought, I better not start until I’m really ready. You see how easy it is? That’s what gets ya – I better not start, it’s safer that way.

Jesus has some good advice for you and me. “Be not afraid,” he says, over and over. “Don’t be afraid!”

Slouchy Pants: Instant Style (With No Effort Whatsoever)

These, my friend, are Slouchy Pants.

Also called Joggers. They’re just as versatile as jeans; the same pair of Slouchy Pants can be either dressier or more casual than jeans, depending on the rest of your outfit. Which means they’re way easier to wear! They’re also, literally, easier to wear. Seriously, these pants are as comfortable as pajamas.

The best news? They’re super in right now! Maybe it’s no accident: we’ve all done our time in the leg-prison that is skinny jeans, and we’re ready for some sweet slouchy deliverance.

(Just for fun, here’s my personal fashion prediction: denim has had a long, long run in fashion, as did hoop skirts and corsets. But nothing lasts forever. I think the next century of style will see a lot less denim and a lot more of this.)

Anyways. TAKE NOTE: if you are tall (5’6 and over) I would skip over these because you, my friend, are the ideal candidate for Palazzo Pants.

Palazzo Pants are basically Slouchy Pants minus the ankle elastic. The single unbroken line here is incredibly glamorous on you.

Warning: Do not try Palazzo Pants unless you are tall. I don’t know how or why but when we petite-o’s put them on we look like we’re wearing pajamas. We need that ankle thing!

Have fun out there, and remember, I love you no matter what you wear.

Finding Your Heel Type

Choose the shoes that match your feet.

High heels used to terrify me. I thought stilettos were the standard but the instant I tried them on, my otherwise normal feet suddenly looked blundering and oafish. I didn’t understand what was happening, so I came to a wistful conclusion that I think is rather common: I would be able to wear this if I was just a little bit more beautiful.

My dear. This. Is. False!

It’s not your feet. (Or your anything else!) You have THE correct feet, the ones that are a perfect match for your hands, your height, and everything else about you. They are your best possible feet!

Not only that, but there is something neat about your feet. (And your hands. And your eyebrows.) Sally’s are neat too, in a different way, and so are Jane’s. And all three of you deserve shoes that showcase what is awesome about your particular pair.

So when picking out pumps, allow yourself this luxury: Choose the shoes that match your feet.

“But how can a shoe match my foot? It’s not like my foot has sequins or bows.” No no – I’m not talking about the color or details of the shoe. I mean the shoe’s basic structure: are the heels thick, or thin? Are the toes pointy or round? That fundamental architecture right there should align with the architecture of your foot.

So how do you know what to look for? First, remember that feet can be either short or long, and either wide or narrow. So the four basic types of feet are:

  • Long + Narrow
  • Short + Narrow
  • Short + Wide
  • Long + Wide

Scroll down to find yourself!

Long, narrow feet:

  • Heel: Super-thin
  • Toe: Pointy

These feet are sharp and graceful. “Long and narrow” sounds like the point of a sword, and that’s the kind of shoe these feet need – pointy heel, pointy toe. No such thing as too pointy here! The overall effect is sheer elegance.

Short, narrow feet:

  • Heel: Thin
  • Toe: Pointy or round

These are the consummate Cinderella feet and they simply sparkle in a delicate shoe. The heel should be thin, but not necessarily as ice-pick thin as we saw above. The toe can be either round or gently pointy.

Short, wide feet:

  • Heel: Chunky, but tapered
  • Toe: Round

These feet are as adorable as kitten paws! A cute tapered heel is simply enchanting here. Round toes only.

Long, wide feet:

  • Heel: Chunky, block
  • Toe: Round or squre

These are badass feet, ready to kick down doors or run a marathon barefoot, and they need powerful shoes that can keep up. Round or square toed. The heel should be a straight block.

What if I can’t tell what my feet are? Believe it or not, you can look to your hands. If you get frequent comments about your long piano-player fingers, etc., it’s more than likely that your feet are the same.

What if my feet fall in between two types? Rock them both! For example, if your feet are narrow, but not short or long, then both the Long + Narrow and Short + Narrow guidelines will work for you.

One last tip: Consider wearing colorful shoes instead of the usual black or brown. Even a serious color like burgundy or navy blue will make your outfit look instantly more put-together.

And remember, these are just examples of shoe structure. The colors and designs you prefer will be as unique as you are! I love solving clothing conundrums, so if you have any questions, post them to the comments!